Friday, July 18, 2008

What the hell is going on? Marriage, gay of otherwise

Over these past few elections, I have been amazed at the issues and controversies that have ultimately seem to have greatly impacted the outcome of the elections.

One such issue that completely confounds me is the issue of gay marriage. Or should just say marriage?

I have always considered marriage a fundamentally religious concept, and as such, cannot understand the government's involvement. As a staunch believer in the separation of church and state in a "Free" society, I consider the government legislation of marriage an assault on our freedom of religion.

Whether you are for or against marriage, gay or otherwise, the government's involvement only serves to complicate the issue, and every body loses. Now that California has lifted the ban on same sex marriage, there is talk of legally going after church's that refuse to participate.

Now suddenly the government is in the business of legislating religious beliefs?

Ah, but what of the civil benefits that come with marriage? If the purpose of the various so-called "marriage" benefits is to strengthen, protect and promote the family, then they are missing their mark. Since when is a family limited to the union of man and a woman and their resulting offspring?

The bottom line is the government has no business legislating marriage, communion, baptism or any other non-harmful form of religious expression.

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