Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

The new year is a funny thing. Whether it's celebrated on January 1st or any other day, it holds a special meaning to the human heart. For those of us who didn't have such a great past year (or two, or three, or more...) , it's a point that we draw a line in the heavens or our hearts, and wish for good days going forward. It's a day of hope. It's the day we envision what could be. And most importantly it's that day we acknowledge what we could do to make our lives different.

New Year's Day is a day of promise. Typically we promise to stop overeating, stop smoking, stop cussing, stop kicking the dog, stop kicking ourselves. And for most of us we find the power of those promises fade by February 1st. I wonder why? Is it too hard to fight old habits and make a change? Is it lack of will power? Or are we fundamentally asking the wrong things of ourselves?

During this year the presidential election brought a single Manta that transcended party lines and struck a chord in all our hearts. Change. A simple word that means something different to each of us. Change for the better, for ourselves, our families, our communities, our county and the world. Change from the destructive ways of the past. And add to that the encouraging words "Yes we can!" and we find the power to change.

For me, like most people, I have a whole laundry list of things I need to change. I need to start exercising, stop smoking, start eating healthy, get control of my finances, and get out of my cocoon and join the living. Wow that's a lot to change for one person. And I ask myself, how can I do all that? Well it seems to me that I've got to start with one basic element. I've got to look at myself differently. I've got to treat myself, my body and my life with respect. And each time I reach to light a cigarette, or put off dealing with a problem, or eat junk food, or avoid an invitation, I have to ask myself is this good for me?

Will that work? I really don't know. But this year is my opportunity to turn things around. Having been just been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, this is my opportunity to make things right for myself, my body, my family and my life.

I wish for everyone the power to change what they can in their lives.

Happy New Year!

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