Friday, October 10, 2008

Pundit Paralysis

This election year has caught my attention like no other. Long before the current economic "crisis" I had already begun watching the pundits with an avid, and sometimes morbid enthusiasm. Over the past year I have watched MSNBC which could fairly be termed as a serious addiction, tuning into my daily doses of Oberman, Matthews and now the delightful Ms. Maddow.

But in these last throes of the presidential race I find myself growing weary of the repetitive commentary, the exaggerations of small gaffs, and the inane suppositions and concerns these pundits bring up.

Is McCain's present mud slinging strategy effective? Will Sarah help or hurt his campaign? In my estimation, McCain and Palin are very successful in the attacks when it's all the supposedly left wing pundits can talk about.

I have seen so many clips from the McCain and Palin stump speeches, I feel I beginning to suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Suddenly Grandpa McCain and the cute little down home beauty queen seem almost appealing. What is the antidote for this strange effect? Maybe seeing more clips of Obama explaining his plans rather than just answering the ridulous attacks would help. Countering the insanity with solid, sane ideas for the future seems like the logical cure. But, alas, Keith, Chris and even our beloved Rachel seem to be completely paralyzed by McCain's attacks that I've begun to wonder if they aren't secretly working for the McCain campaign.

Their constant monitoring of the polls that show Obama ahead would help, if those very same polls weren't so complete wrong during the primaries. Have they pollsters fixed the problem that plagued them in the primaries? If anyone knows, they aren't saying.

Perhaps it's just as well that I now find the talking heads frustrating and even at times downright boring. Then I don't have to worry about suffering painful pundit withdrawal after the election.

But guys (and Rachel) please, if you are truly in support of Obama, then lets show him in a better light by showcaseing his positives instead of the endless loop of video clips of mud slinging.

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