Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh, Sarah!

I remember watching Sarah Palin speak for the first time during the Republican National Convention, and thinking "Doesn't she seem familiar?". And I realize, now that Sarah was found to have abused the authority of her office, and betraying hte public trust of all Alaskans. Yes, I've known Sarah Palin all of my life.

She's the popular girl who smiles in your face while stabbing you in the back. The team leader who never picks the unpopular girls for kickball team. The social elitist of her small world. That smugly self-righteous woman who without qualm bends and breaks every rule to suit her own interests... and never does anything that she believes is not in her self-interest.

I see it in her catty stump speeches that reveal her true two-faced, snide as she attempts to lie her way into the white house.

I saw it in the Vice Presidential debate when she suggested that she could expand the power of the Vice President. If I were the moderator, I couldn't have resisted asking "Expand the VP's power to do what?". Not that she would have answered it, since she also pointed out that she would answer questions what ever way she wanted, which, as it turned out was pretty much not at all.

But damned if she couldn't sling the slop like a good pig farmer. Pitbull and Barracuda is not what I would consider good attributes for a VP, since both creatures are unintelligent, vicious, indescriminate killers. McCain better watch his back, Barracudas tend to destroy anyone in their way, and Pitbulls are known to turn on their handlers.

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