Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well America, it's election day and I'm nervous as a blue long tailed cat in a room full of red rocking chairs. My "I Voted" sticker is proudly displayed over my heart, and I'm having trouble typing with all my fingers crossed.

I had a nightmare that Palin has giving a speech saying "Well, by golly, of course we won!. Those Democrats, God bless their terrorist lovin' hearts couldn't keep us out..."

I woke up in terror reaching for the clock. 6AM, not time to vote yet.

But this is it folks, regardless of your affiliation, please exercise your right to vote. I'm nearly positive that if McMains wins, this may be the last time it matters. But, for now, even that is the choice of the people.

If you still need reasons to vote for Obama, I can lend you mine.

1) I believe that America needs an intelligent, well spoken leader, that carefully considers all sides of an issue, and make his decision based on the good of the people.

2) I believe that the campaign has shown Obama's strength by not buying into nasty attacks and smears. While Obama has bitten back, it was on the issues, not family, loose affiliations, evil rumors and outright lies. Remember, that if a candidate is willing to lie to get into office, that candidate will lie even more once they are in.

3) Obama has taken the stickiest of issues, such as abortion and gay rights, and boiled them down to a common ground. I realize that there are a lot of people that want to resolve these issues without having to compromise, and I confess, I would like the decisions to go 100% my way. But our government need to represent all of it's citizens. And without compromise, or finding a common ground, all you have left is war or dictatorship. I want a leader who understand that there are good and passionate people on both sides of most every issue, who's views must be taken into consideration. Obama has demonstrated his commitment to the all of the citizens.

4) In the face of republican rhetoric, he has held his ground on energy where it applies to environmental issues. Perhaps there are a lot of folks that don't remember the environmental impact of drilling, or the fear and close calls (and direct hits, Chernobel) when it came to nuclear energy. He recognizes that we have come a long way with technology and perhaps we can do this things in a safe and responsible way, but opposes the knee jerk reaction of rushing to make that same mistakes that we did in the past.

5) Obama is for getting us out of Iraq. Really, need I say more?

6) Obama is for stopping the Taliban. I for one was horrified as the world helplessly watched that Taliban destroy historical treasures, and recognized the danger of a power that would ignore the global pleadings to spare these treasures, just to assert to the world their power. They have continued to grow and flourish in Afganistan, slowly taking over the people that we freed there. You kow, the ones that actually did greet us with enthusiasm and gratitude. Now they are gaining power funded by opium that they force that farmers to grow. There are attacking our troops. They are slaughtering anyone that will not submit to their power. And yet our government has not responded. If we were to swallow the notion that we attacked Sadam because he was a bad guy, then, what are we doing ignoring bad guys that could very probably be bigger threat to the western world than any other, past or present.

7) On all issues, Obama has exhibited a sense of fairness.

There are plenty more.

Happy Election Day everyone!

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