Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barracudas and PitBulls Bite

And they bite indiscriminately! Looks like that old toad jumped on a Barracudas back hoping to ride a wave of prejudice and ignorance straight into the white house. But it's looking like the Barracuda's making a snack of him on the way. Serves the sexist old prick right. Women have always been tools for him. And Golly, what a tool he picked this time, God bless him! His mistake is thinking that Hillary popularity had more to do with her gender than her qualifications. So he grabbed himself what he thought was a ambitious little vixen he could parade around on a leash, while he fed her lines.

Yet she still manages to slip her leash and reveal herself for the vapid, ex-beauty contestant that she really is. Employing gossip and lies is the stuff of backstage pageant mud wrestling, and she does it with the enthusiasm of a Texas Cheerleader. I imagine that once in office, she will make Cheney look like a puppet. That is until she could get McCain declared too feeble to hold office, and snatch the reigns right out of his hands.

If McCain is such an awesome military leader, you would think that he could come up with a decent campaign strategy. If he were to lead a war the same way he did his campaign, it would be devastating to our nation.

Watching the self-destruction of the Republican campaign, I feel a strange combination is pain and satisfaction... kind of a tingly feeling. I think, I like it!

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