Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monkeys Throwing Shit!

OK, I think it's time to close down the monkey exhibits as a public health hazard. Yeah, I'm talking about the Rush's, the Hannity's, the Billo's, and all the rest of the idiots flinging shit out of their fiery red asses.

Apparently the idea is that even the best of us look bad when covered with crap. And if everything is covered in shit, who will have the stomach to sort through it to salvage the good stuff.

The problem is that the more they fling, the more the exhibits are being advertised by the Democratic pundits, presumably to point out how dirty these little bastards really are. But as most animal trainers know, these guys respond to behavior modification techniques and the more positive reinforcement (attention = rating = bananas), the more they'll gleefully with the air with their noxious bombs.

Perhaps the way to handle it is to do a news blackout. I am convinced that the majority of people that tune into these people's show because of the outrageous content rather than any sense of agreement. Like a geek in a sideshow, people watch out of morbid curiosity. So the more they are pointed out, the more flock to watch the freak show! But watch out folks, the more you watch, the more you will get on you!

Face it, Rush would skip rope naked while reciting Hilter's greatest speeches and farting the national anthem if it got him ratings. They've gone so extreme, that just may be on his show in the near future... unless Beck or Hannity beats him to it.

And the senate repubs... They ought to feel ashamed feeding off of shit they throw. It only emphasizes that they will happily represent the worst imaginable side of americans rather than stand up for what is right.

Republicans have no position or ideas because the are waiting for the lowest, most hateful among their party to feed it to them. So what comes from their mouths? Monkey Shit! And man does it ever stink!

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