Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waking From the Stupor

I had a little mishap on Memorial Day. I found out the hard way that my 500cc scooter, does not keep up very well with my sons' 625cc Ducati and 1450 Ninja. That it isn't just sheer horse power, the cornering is a bit different too. We weren't riding balls out. We were cruising some winding mountain roads, and I hit a bend too wide, caught the futz at the edge of the pavement, and down I went.

When I realized that there was no stopping the inevitable, my thought was simple a true "Oh Shit, my bike is gonna be trashed!".

Well, to my relief, though it has some road rash, it's OK.

Me? Well, it's amazing how many pieces a bone can shatter into. My tibia is now a gruesome mosiac held together by my skin and this contraption the call an external fixater. My fibia, just has a nice clean break.

So after two surgeries, and two months of being kept as Roger Waters coined it, "Comfortably Numb", I am rousing from my stupor.

Not that I've had a leisurely time of it. You see, the company that I work for doesn't not provide short term disability. And although the emergency leave act protects my job, I cannot afford to live without an income for the 3 - 6 months it's going to take to heal.

So, with a lot of grumbling from mid to high level mangement, I am able to work from home after surrendering all my leave. And no, it's not the wink, wink, nudge, nudge kind of working from home. I've turned a bedroom into an test lab, and I practically have my laptop permanently installed on my lap.

I have literally had work conversations at 3 in the morning. I work 7 days a week, and for most days over 10 hours a day.

But on the brightside, until the grumblings of management win out ("Is she really being productive?"), I still have a job.

So I say to congress, it's more that just Health Care and americans need. Without disability insurance, an injured or sick person may still find themselves and their family out on the street.

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