Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog killer on the loose!

The title of this post is enough to raise a shiver in the majority of dog owners, unless they are themselves, dog killers like Michael Vick. For the majority of us who see our pets as full fledged members of our families, what Michael Vick did was truly unforgivable.

I, for one, cannot imagine the depth of evil in this man's heart (if he actually has one), that he would torture and kill animals for fun and profit. This isn't the act of slaughtering an animal for food, or even their fur. It's the enjoyment of not only watching but inflicting horrific violence, pain and death.

Not only did he get a ridiculously light sentence, but knew that we would walk out of prison to go on and make millions. Much better men have walk out of prison for much lesser crimes with nothing to go back to. Face it, in the grand scheme of things, it was a mere inconvenience for him.

Should he be reinstated? No!!! This wasn't some victimless crime like betting on sports. And it's not like he was caught taking steroids. But like those who have gotten caught for these lesser offensives, he knew what he was risking when he committed these sickening and cruel crimes, and obviously he felt indulging in his sadistic and obscene proclivities was more important than enjoying the truly fortunate and blessed life of being a football star.

Now that he's had his slap on the wrist, Mikey wants to have it all back. And we are supposed to be all soft and forgiving when he recites a little apology speech some publicist wrote for him in order to collect a cool 1.6 million for a few months of work. Perhaps we should shed a tear that he may actually have to wait a year or two before we starts making the truly obscene bucks.

But the fact it that football is entertainment, and it's hard to enjoy watching or rooting for someone as despicable as Mr. Vick. And I would never allow my kids to look up to someone like that. And I sure wouldn't want to be a player on the opposing team. I know that football is a sport for tough guys, but it stops being a game when your opponent is a known out and out sadist with no morals. Ask Jim McMahon.

Maybe I'm an extremist, after all, I used to be a Guns and Roses fan until I found out that Axel beat women and was a outspoken racist, and even though I enjoyed their music, I could not stomach supporting Mr. Rose after that. And my kids will sure tell you about the lectures they had to endure, and my refusal to allow them to buy things that support people who represented the worse in human nature. I'm even old fashioned enough to think that the iron cross is not an appropriate fashion statement... nor the nazi flag... nor the confederate flag for that matter.

But, alas, Mr. Vick and the Eagles are fortunate that here in America, we value entertainment above morals or values. We are happy to put millions and billions of dollars in the pockets of violent abusers, pedophiles (and, no, I'm not talking about Michael Jackson) and racists. So brutal sadists that target helpless animals for their perversions should be no problem for us.

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