Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can Democrats Pass Health-Care Reform on Their Own?

Can Democrats Pass Health-Care Reform on Their Own?

The Blue Dog Democrats are a traitorous group of "so-called" democrats that seem to be working for the republicans. Apparently, like republicans, they think that our tax dollars should be used for pointless wars and to line the pockets of corporations than to provide services to support the citizens.

I believe that the only role of government is to provide the people what they cannot efficiently provide for itself. I do not believe in government "take-overs" of industry. I believe that capitalism should be left to it's own devices where possible.

But not everything should be for profit, especially not our health. I should not be left to die because treatment would cut into a company's profit margin.

Having spent some time serving in the military, I know that government run healthcare is not perfect. But for profit health care is far worse. In the military, I was never denied service!

There has been mention of co-op. But we are already paying into a co-op... the government.

By providing healthcare, the government is not giving us anything. The average taxpayer has more than paid for it!

We need to fight the Blue Dogs. The are nothing but Republicans that have crashed our party!

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