Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em

So I saw a gaggle of 9-12ers standing on the corner hollering and carrying signs. There were about 8 or 9 sturdy souls demanding their right to religion and guns, and the continued tradition of medical class-ism.

You know, I've seen them on the national news shows. They look so much smaller in person. They were a handful of ordinary white people, and looked to be middle to lower class on the economic scale.

And I was perplexed that these folks were spending their Saturday standing on a corner steadfastly defending the very insurance companies who would see them all dead if there was a penny to profited.

I wondered who had denied them their religious practice, or was it more the idea that they can't force everyone to adhere to their religious beliefs that they had a problem with.

And their guns? Really? I don't think they have much to worry about, when even after their beloved Reagan was shot at, the house still couldn't pass gun legislation with any tooth to it.

As far as guns go.. OK, I concede that it's a reasonable interpretation of the Constitution that every citizen has the right to bear arms. The trouble is that they were specific enough. Back then they had muskets and bowie knives. They didn't have AKs and Uzis, or students shooting up schools, or crazy men opening fire in restaurants, or urban gangs shooting kids because of the color of their shirts. I bet if they had they would have been more carefully worded that provision.

Perhaps we should limit guns to single shot muskets and side arms. Seriously, if you need an automatic assault weapon to kill animals, maybe hunting is not for you. And if you need one to kill people a lot of people all at once, you might be better off taking a moment to examine your life, cause you've got some problems your AK can't solve!

But I digress...

So, this little rag tag band of revolutionaries calling the the President a tyrant, and railing against the government. It seemed to be drinking some very stank Koolaid, indeed! But their message was a bit too scattered. I do so hate to see anything done badly, so I desperately wanted to help them out.

They needed to stop beating about the bush and call a spade a spade. And something tells me that this group should have no trouble with that. Unfortunately, I was busy that day, and couldn't stop.

But here's some suggestions for their signs the next time there out there. These will get their message across more effectively!

Only the Wealthy Deserve to be Healthy

Death to the Old, Sick and Injured

Medical Class-ism Is Nature's Way Of Curing Poverty

I Would Rather Die for My Insurance Company, than To Support Medical Equality

I've Got Mine, To Hell With You!

I Wouldn't Give The Sweat Off My Crotch To Save One Brown Child

United We Stand, Divided We Fall, But I Would Rather Fall Than To Help Others Survive!

I Only Believe In Democracy If The Majority Agrees With Me

My Insurance Company Won't Pay for Mental Health... 'Nough Said!

It's Not That The President Is Wrong, It's That He's Black

I mean come on, if you're gone stand out there, you might as well have the guts to say what you mean. Be proud of who you really are. Let your freak flag fly! But please, don't pretend to care about rights or democracy, or even freedom. And Tyranny? What's is more tyrannical than withholding help to the sick and injured when there are alternatives?

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