Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter To Joe Leiberman

Shame on you! I can only pray that you have to suffer the fate that you are forcing on so many citizens. But no you won't, will you? We will pay for your healthcare the rest of your life.

Meanwhile, you spit in the face of the majority of the country who voted for healthcare by electing the president and the rest of the democrats to office.

While you might enjoy your power, you also need to take serious the responsibility that comes with.

And since you will not take responsibility, I can only pray you feel our pain. I pray you feel it every time a sick man puts a bullet through his head rather than see his family destitute to keep him alive. And everytime a family has to beg for charity to raise money for a lifesaving operation, I want you to feel there desperation. I hope that one day you will know that gut wrenching knowledge that after paying nearly half their income to the government, that while living in the land of plenty, your life will end not for lack of a cure, but for the lack of insurance. I hope you will one day know that your life is worth less than the cost of the medicine to save you.

People are dying Mr. Leiberman. Mother, Fathers, young, old. We are dying because we cannot afford healthcare, and we either cannot afford or are turned down for health insurance.

I have to wonder, are you saving Medicare by ensuring that only the healthiest and luckiest of the population make it to 65?

If you insist on killing us just because you can, then, you should have the decency to spend all the money you are pocketing from the health insurance industry to put flowers on the graves of all of us that you sentence to death.

You should pay condolence calls on the children of the people that you kill and explain how your personal power and greed is far more important than saving the life of their mother who died of cancer but she could not afford treatment.

Something tells me though, that it would only add to your perverse thrill, just as any serial killer would.

One thing is for sure. You will go now in history as the most prolific serial killer in history.

You must be very proud.

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