Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan

Mr. Ryan has proposed a budget the would cut spending for the disabled, elderly and poor, while paying more of our tax dollars to the wealthy who pay nothing, yet receive huge tax refunds.

What they call "entitlement" programs... Medicare, Social Security, Schools, Food for the poor, are what I call the services that we willingly bought and paid for!  The government isn't giving it's citizens anything, they are providing us WHAT WE PAID FOR!!!!

What I didn't think I was paying for was a war in Iraq, subsidies to obscenely profitable companies to make those obscene profits at the expense of the health, happiness and safety of majority of us who share this planet with them.

So I decided to write Mr. Ryan...

Congratulations!  You are so brave to stand up against the sick and impoverished!   Surely you are doing the country a favor by letting the leeches die off as soon as possible.

I do have one issue though...
I have paid more than my share in federal taxes for over 30 years.  And now that you are doing all you can to ensure that I will never see a single benefit from the hundreds of thousands of dollars that I have invested,,, no strike that... given to the government.  I would ask that you would go one step further, ensure the repayment of all taxes plus interest to each and every individual tax payer.

For all the years that I contributed to ensure that my generation and the generation before me would be taken care of.  That our schools would provide the education to make our society strong.  That we would live in a prosperous and safe country.  But now thanks you to and your ilk, all of the money was a waste.  And a contract was broken between the citizens and the government.

Just give us our money back, and we can go find a country where the citizens run the country, not the corporations and their pet politicians (like you).  A place with a future for all of it's people not just the wealthy.  A place that is clean and safe.

You and your corporate buddies can continue to turn the country into the post apocalyptic rubble that you so desperately crave and turn the citizenry into pathetic slaves that are grateful just to breathe the filthy air and drink the poisoned water, and look to death as a respite from their miserable existence.

I want nothing to do with your hideously sick and brutal America.

BTW, just between you and me, how much do you rake in for destroying a country?  Or is it just a pride thing?

Think I'll get a response?

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