Thursday, March 22, 2012

Even with an aspirin between our knees, we're still screwed!

What the santorum is going on here!!???  I thought we settled this when I was a teenager.  It was an long drawn out battle, back then.  But women understood the stakes a lot better because we were living with the consequences of no birth control, no legal abortions, no equality. 

It was a time where orphanages were filled with unwanted non-white babies. (Affluent white women had their pregnancies "taken care of", the few white babies of poor women we snapped up quick for adoption).
It was a time when girls without means died from back-alley abortions.
It was a time when girls were forced to have their rapist baby, even if it was their father's or brother's baby.
It was a time when girls had to quit school and we sent away in shame to have the baby.
It was a time when women could be enslaved by forcibly impregnating them.
It was a time when the morality of our society was the responsibility of the ones who had the no choice and no rights.


And now, the proponents of the Christian right want to make their religious beliefs the law of the land again, all the while characterizing any government mandates allowing us the freedom of choice or belief outside their Christian doctrine as government overreach.

With their mantra of small non-invasive government, and personal freedom, how is it that these theocratic buffoons can say that government (translate, we the people) has no business providing us health care, or even fair standards for care, yet champion the refusal of health services or force us to pay for unnecessary medical procedures meant only to shame and control us.

Who is the government to tell my daughter that if the choice is her life or her unborn baby, that by law, she must die?
Who is the government to tell a child that if she is raped, that she must give birth to her attackers spawn?
Who is the government force me to publicly prove that I am not guilty of murder if I lose my child due to miscarriage?
Who is the government to force my doctor to lie to me if he/she suspects that I may want to terminate the pregnancy?

And with the republican version of the government refusing to help indigent people with food, housing and medical care...
How are the impoverished women and girls going to get prenatal care and birthing services?
Who is going to pay for all of the children that will be born to people who cannot afford birth control?  Are they to just live out on the streets until they starve to death or get sick and die?

This time will be even worse than before, as there will be no aid for victims of  the oppression.

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