Saturday, April 28, 2012

Robin hood

So I'm watching Robinhood, the Russell Crowe version, which is much more bloody and far less romantic than the Kevin Cosner version. But the treatise on liberty was awesome in this version. And I started thinking about the versions of Robinhood that they've made over the years. A quick check on wikipedia and I found that there have been about 60 versions on TV and film ranging from Hollywood blockbuster actions films to comedy and even porn. I was amazed to find that the first references to Robinhood were back in 1228. Wow! People sure love the idea of Robinhood. But then it is the notion of Liberty and the fight against tyranny that rings true in the hearts of all people, except for who are consumed with greed. And to a much larger degree than most of the Americsn population realize, we are in the same age old struggle today. We have the Republican party trying to rob us of our government, our rights and our freedom and turn us over to those who would exploit us for their own gain. Consider this... They want strip women of our rights no to be beaten, discriminated against or forced to bare children. Ask most of us a year ago and we would have never thought that women would have to fight for freedom again. They want to strip workers of the right to a safe work enviornment or to negotiate their compensation and working conditions. They want to turn prisons into slave factories so that we their government can detain anyone (read: minorities and liberals) without charge (thank you patriot act) force them to work for corporations indefinitely. They want Christianity to the be law of the land so that there is no freedom of belief or thought. They want to restrict what can be taught in public schools to only what is in line with their fundamentalist beliefs. They want to prevent the American people from pooling our resources to provide for our public safety, education, roads, and especially, our health. Instead they want to us at the mercy of the insurance companies, which leach trillions from us and artificially drive up medical costs for those who are uninsured... until we are sick or old, and then we are left to die. They want to rob us of our social security benefits that many of us have paid into most of our lives, without even refunding our money. Instead of our tax money going to the public good, they want the taxes to go to pay for rich peoples vacation homes and car elevators, and make us pay corporations billions in profit to pay for those services we used to provide through those taxes. They want the poor to starve. These devout Christian Republician want to strip us of everything but guns and prayer. If they Republicianx do win in November you won't even have a prayer, because with the "if I don't like you I have the right to shoot you." stand your ground laws, and the proliferation of automatically weapons with extended magazine, I will imagine the rest of us won't live long enough to miss our rights anyway. Wow.. What would Robinhood think of all that?

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