Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When corruption is the law of the land...

The only reason the republican politicians are bald face lying corporate shills is due to the supreme court legalizing corrupt companies buying politicians.   Does our system of checks and balances really overlook a corrupt supreme court judges? Sure they seemingly threw us a bone on ObamaCare. They didn't really. Without single payer, they delivered us straight into the jaws of the insurance companies.  Sheldon Addelson, who is under investigation for bribing chinese officials to IPOD his casinos in China, is one of Romney's biggest stakeholders. He has pledged unlimited funds to Romney's campaign. This is whomRomney is beholden to. Think about it, if you are being given 500 million a single donor, well it is fairly guaranteed that you are nothing more than a puppet with his hand all the way up your butt.   The people need a government to look after our interests.  A government that finds a way to be fiscally responsible while provide what the citizen service thatnee are paying for. Old Sheldon, like most other CEOs would just as soon send all their jobs overseas, while enjoying the ridiculously low corporate taxes on both the federal and local levels here in the US, and the corporate welfare they receive from the government, AND keeping their money in off shore accounts to avoid paying any taxes. In the meantime we have local governments declaring bankruptcy. We have state and local governments closing schools and selling off the properties. Police forces are being reduced and their priority is more to generate income through misdemeanor fines than to protect the citizens. Firefighters are being cut while 70 percent of America is under drought conditions. We need to take back America, and put the citizens first. We need to start a targeted movement to force the supreme court to overturn their decision and to put a stop to the selling of our country.

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